Our Services


The Cortland Advisors Technology team advises businesses that provide engineering-related software and services to the technology industry. Several of our Leaders and Advisors have advanced degrees in electrical engineering or computer science, and have worked in both technical and senior management roles at globally established technology companies, successful venture funded startups and private equity platforms. Our business provides a strong blend of M&A expertise and deep industry/technical acumen.

At Cortland we have a team of Industry leaders who have been involved in many of the key technologies and the companies they have created serving global industries.

Internet Of Things (IOT)

  • Mobile Device Connectivity and Security
  • Automotive Connected Car
  • Industrial Connected System 4.0
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Embedded Systems

Enterprise Software

  • Cloud & ERP
  • Cyber Security
  • Middleware
  • Network Management
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence