Our Team

Jenny W. Clark


Jenny W. Clark, the CEO of Solvability, is also an M&A Advisor for Cortland Advisors in the Government Contracting Sector now based in Tampa, Florida. She Connects, Advocates and Accelerates Small Business Growth in Federal Contracting. Clark focuses on what’s required to Grow and Scale in Government Contracting allowing these businesses to grow to buy and accelerate growth or add value so they can successfully exit at a high valuation. This includes:

● Integrated business systems
● Program and management reporting
● Financial projections

Her expertise makes her uniquely qualified to develop client strategies to maximize revenue, backlog and valuation using:

● Pricing strategies
● Cost and indirect rate analysis
● Projections
● Competitive positioning.

Jenny founded Solvability in 1997 in Huntsville, Alabama, working exclusively with federal contractors on business systems implementation and training, including Deltek, Unanet and QuickBooks software. In 2013, she relocated Solvability to Florida to work with more companies across the I-4 Corridor. Her vision is to bring together the defense community of small businesses, agency representatives, and subject matter experts in federal contracting so that more small businesses serving our national defense will succeed.

Connect with Jenny W Clark on LinkedIn or e-mail her at [email protected].