Our Team

Max Coppersmith

VP, Account Services

Max Coppersmith is the Vice President of Account Services at Cortland Advisors, LLC. He comes to the firm with over 10 years of experience in the Telecommunications and Software industries.

He began his career with XO Communications, in Washington, DC, as a designated resource for all business partner engagements. He assisted the partner community with solution design, product pricing, contract negotiations and account management. After 5 years with XO, Max took his partner relationship experience and headed West to Los Angeles.

It was in Los Angeles where he took the reins of his own partner channel at Globanet – a software company specializing in data migration, data archiving, and data compliance and eDiscovery. In his stint at Globanet, he was able to successfully recruit multiple channel partners and expand the company’s client base.

In 2016, Max was recruited to become head of another partner channel – this time at the software company, Apica, which specialized in web site load testing and monitoring solutions. He was successful in his first year having been credited with largest partner deal in company history — a load testing solution for Finish Line’s website for the upcoming Nike Air Jordan launch.

With the knowledge and expertise gained on the West coast, Max returned to his roots in the East coast Washington D.C. to work in the family business alongside his father, Cortland’s Chairman and CEO, Randy Coppersmith.

In 2018, Max took his skills South to Tampa to work along side Cortland’s Florida team and begin building a network in Florida.

Max has B.A in Communication and Information Sciences from the University of Alabama, where he was also a co-founder and captain of the University of Alabama Ice Hockey team. Today he lives in Sarasota, FL.