About Us

Cortland Advisors, LLC

Cortland Advisors is a partner-owned mergers and acquisitions advisory that provides experienced expertise by industry professionals that have successfully created, grown, acquired and exited businesses in North America, Europe and Asia.  We bring an unbiased and objective approach to our clients, backed up with decades of experience in Large, Medium and Small businesses in the Industries we serve.

Our ability to provide advisory services in preparing companies to buy or exit is a key to our service.  Whether it is Succession Planning, Financial Restructuring and Reporting, Buy Sell Agreements, or Recruiting key talent we can not only advise on the acquisition or exit, but prepare our clients for the event well in advance to provide a maximum return for them and their investors.

We intentionally formed our business to support companies in the $20-100 Million Revenue range.  This is a market that we strongly believe has been underserved by other Investment Banks due to its size and complexity.  Instead of bringing a small boutique approach we have assembled a world-class team of Advisors and Consultants who have the experience and success in this market space to create value for both our buy-side and sell-side clients.